SIJHL partners with ICEBERG Sports Analytics

THUNDER BAY, Ont. – The Superior International Junior Hockey League announced Thursday that have signed a partnership agreement with ICEBERG Sports Analytics to implement advanced analytics technology, league-wide, while bringing the development of elite hockey talent in the league to a new level.

ICEBERG Sports Analytics is a global Sports Technology company headquartered in Toronto and will become the official data and advanced analytics provider for the SIJHL for the 2019-20 season.

Using artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to automatically track both players and the puck, ICEBERG builds extensive data sets that provide deep objective insights and enhance efficiencies at coaching and managerial levels by allowing teams to eliminate mundane tasks and allocate more time to analyzing team play, game trends and individual player-performance.

“With the ever-evolving field of analytics being established in the game, we look forward to working closing with ICEBERG Sports Analytics in assisting our coaches, players and league-member clubs in this area,” offered SIJHL commissioner Bryan Graham.

Using the SIJHL video feeds, ICEBERG will produce advanced metrics surrounding shooting, passing, player shifts, transitions, powerplay, penalty kill, faceoffs and much more. These metrics will allow coaches to cross-check what their eyes are telling them about the game so they can evaluate whether certain in-game decisions were right or wrong and correct accordingly.

As members of the SIJHL, each member team will have access to ICEBERG data on players in the league. This data can be used for advanced scouting reports, optimizing lineups and matchups, as well as player safety. It can also be used to identify roster gaps, to assess player and team strengths / weaknesses and to evaluate special teams play.

“This partnership agreement is indicative of the SIJHL’s commitment to recruiting, developing and advancing top young hockey players,” stated ICEBERG’s central Canada account executive Darrin Nicholas.

“ICEBERG’s revolutionary platform will put previously unimaginable information at the fingertips of team coaches and officials, who will no doubt utilize this knowledge to continually reach new heights with the quality of their on-ice product,” added Nicholas.

The SIJHL becomes the second of the 10-member Canadian Junior Hockey League to partner with the analytics company.


ICEBERG Sports Analytics, an industry-leading ice hockey analytics software company, analyzed more than 6,000 games during the 2018-2019 season serving ice hockey organizations in 17 countries. Using artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms, the ICEBERG platform uses digital video as an input to generate data and advanced analytics to objectively analyze team play, gametrends, and individual player-performance. ICEBERG’s output data can be applied in impactful ways at all levels of play including youth, junior, collegiate, and professional. Global technological leaders Microsoft, NEC, and NVIDIA recognize ICEBERG’s leadership and support ICEBERG solutions.

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