Spooner, WI – April 27, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Duluth Hockey Company has been named the Exclusive On-Ice & Player Equipment Provider of The Wisconsin Lumberjacks, beginning with the Inaugural 2019-2020 Season.

As part of the agreement, Duluth Hockey Company will provide all on-ice equipment for our players and staff, including sticks, helmets, visors, gloves and pants as well as all on and off ice player clothing.
“Duluth Hockey Company has cemented their equipment line as an elite provider to protect hockey players,” said Lumberjacks President Sophia Pinto. “This relationship will bring our team tremendous value and service, and ensure our players are receiving the gear they need to perform at their best level.”

For the past twenty-nine seasons, Duluth Hockey Company has provided area players at all levels with performance equipment and gear.

“Duluth Hockey Company is proud to enter into this agreement with the Lumberjacks,” said James Stauber, President and COO of Duluth Hockey Company. “Duluth Hockey Company believes the SIJHL is one of the premier junior hockey leagues and offers our company unprecedented branding and exposure. Duluth Hockey Company is proud of this relationship and we look forward to growing together with the Lumberjacks.”

As part of the agreement, Duluth Hockey Company will be featured throughout Wisconsin Lumberjacks’ print materials and digital platforms, including presenting the Duluth Hockey Company’s Player of the Month award, throughout the season.

About Duluth Hockey Company

Located in Duluth, Minnesota, Duluth Hockey Company is recognized as one of the sporting goods industry’s premier providers of cutting-edge equipment, footwear and apparel for hockey athletes of all ages and abilities. Founded in 1990 by six hockey playing brothers born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota; John, James, Dan, Pete, Robb and Bill Stauber.

The Stauber family and their dedicated team of employees, who are all very active in the hockey community, have dedicated their efforts to providing exceptional customer service and products to loyal customers who call Duluth Hockey Company their home.

You can reach Duluth Hockey Company online at duluthockeycompany.com or by calling 218.727.3018.